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Ensuring the Vic’s Team Stays at the Top of Our Goldhofer Trailer Safety Training

One of the tools in the ever-expanding toolbox at Vic’s Crane & Heavy Haul is the Goldhofer trailer. When we’re tasked with moving incredibly large pieces of equipment or massive engines, we rely on the strength and durability that Goldhofer trailers provide to get the job done right.

For many of our heavy rigging jobs—many of which include energy transformers arriving by rail—we utilize Goldhofer trailers to maneuver a piece from Point A to Point B in concert with one of our cranes or jack-and-slide systems for the piece’s final placement. The platforms for these trailers are very user-friendly and have the ability to be self-propelled, along with capability of self-loading and offloading due to the trailers’ ability to raise and lower hydraulically. Its trunnion-style axle also provides a tight turning radius, allowing us to maneuver in tighter spaces and complete particularly complex projects.

Everything that we move with a Goldhofer is overweight and oversized. This always presents challenges, including the potential for a shifting load that could be problematic. With Goldhofer trailers being vital to many of our heavy haul projects, we must ensure our operators are properly trained—something Vic’s takes seriously.

We conduct in-house training every year while also bringing in Flite Line, the authorized factory Goldhofer training company in the U.S., for assistance. By working in partnership, we tailor each training to the year’s needs and have all our heavy haul personnel attend, including the service technicians who maintain and repair our Goldhofer trailers.

Goldhofer training is just one aspect of annual training we conduct—we also undergo training for jacking and slide equipment, gantry systems, CPR/first aid, MSHA, and OSHA 10/30 to ensure safety is always at the forefront of everything we do at Vic’s.