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Midwest Wind Turbine Maintenance

Wind Turbine Maintenance Throughout the Midwest

Have you ever driven through the Midwest and looked out the window in awe at the massive wind towers dotting the landscape? Vic’s Crane & Heavy Haul often plays an important role in ensuring those clustered wind farms are up and running in order to provide energy for the region. Along with installation, one of the many areas of service where Vic’s shines is providing wind turbine maintenance to those massive, 80-meter tall structures.

Vic’s has completed countless blade change outs, gearbox replacements, and even tower repair projects. We have extensive experience in all aspects of wind tower maintenance. These jobs are not always easy, but our experienced and professional team knows how to get the job done properly.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide not only an unmatched selection of cranes for wind turbine maintenance, but also an experienced, professional crew and the right support equipment. Our lead time can be within hours. When energy companies with wind turbines spanning from the East Coast to the West Coast need reliable and professional maintenance, they turn to Vic’s