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Vic’s Gives Employee’s Home a Lift

Vic’s crane service manager Jimmy Widman has been on site for more crane lifts than he can count. But in July, he witnessed one like he’d never seen before, as his own home was lifted high above the tree tops.

It all began when Widman and his family decided to purchase a prefabricated house from Dynamic Homes in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. The house was built and shipped to Widman’s land in Welch, Minnesota. His old home had already been demolished and a new foundation had been poured. The house was shipped in two halves, each one measuring 14 feet wide, 60 feet long, and weighing 32,000 pounds. The lift was made with a Grove GMK6220 with 47,300 pounds of counterweight, and took a little over an hour to complete.

You might think it would be nerve wracking to see your house lifted high into the air, but Widman had no doubts in the work crew’s ability. “I was not nervous with this, even with it being my home,” says Widman. “Vic’s as a company has done many house sets, and I myself have been around a few of them. I was confident in the Vic’s and Dynamic crews, as both are professional and know what they are doing.” Widman worked with contractors at Centerville Homes in Trempealeau, WI.

The setting of the home was a big step in finishing the home. The house will be fully complete in about six weeks when the garage is built, concrete floors are poured, and utilities are connected. Widman and his family are looking forward to moving in to their new home, but also enjoyed the process of seeing it all come together. “It was definitely neat having Vic’s set my house, as it’s been such a big part of my life with my dad working here his entire career, me starting here at a young age, and now my kids showing interest in cranes and witnessing the project take place.”

You can find more about Dynamic Homes at, and more about Centerville Homes at