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Lattice Boom Crawlers
Inventory: 5
Capacities: 300 Ton, 550 Ton, 660 Ton
Availability: Operated/Maintained or Bare Rent

With five lattice boom crawlers in our inventory, we have more of them – and at higher capacities – than anyone around. These heavy-duty cranes are ideally suited for large industrial or new construction projects such as stadiums, large office towers, and turbines, along with big projects in refineries. Because of the special nature and heavy lift capabilities of these cranes, customers typically rely on our expertise in determining the proper crane for their project.

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Hydraulic Truck Cranes
Inventory: 3
Capacities: 70 Ton, 110 Ton
Availability: Operated/Maintained

These highly mobile cranes are extremely versatile and ideally suited for general industry, new construction and remodeling projects. They are designed for lifting objects such as HVAC units and related construction equipment onto rooftops during construction projects. What makes these cranes so popular is their mobility and the ease of being taken apart, set up and moved. They are also one of the few cranes capable of being driven on their own to job sites.

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Hydraulic Rough Terrain
Inventory: 32
Capacities: 22 – 90 Ton
Availability: Operated/Maintained or Bare Rent

These cranes are typically used for longer term projects or on a semi-permanent basis. A wide range of capacities and the ability to maneuver over rough terrain make them ideally suited for new construction sites or refineries. These cranes are delivered by trailers and remain on site until the job is done. 80-ton and 90-ton capacities are becoming increasingly popular, so our huge inventory and access to additional cranes means we can get you the right equipment when others can’t. Our customers also appreciate the ability to bare rent these cranes for long-term projects.

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Hydraulic All-Terrain
Inventory: 16
Capacities: 100 - 600 Ton
Availability: Operated/Maintained

All-terrain cranes are the most versatile crane around. A hybrid of hydraulic truck and rough terrain cranes, they are highly mobile and can be driven down the road, yet are capable of maneuvering over dirt, mud and snow. These cranes can be used for nearly every type of project and environment – from plant shutdowns and other short-term projects to remaining on long-term projects. Refineries and power plants find them particularly well suited for their needs. These cranes are in high demand, so it’s a good thing Vic’s has a larger fleet and wider range of capacities than anyone in the region.

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Hydraulic Boom Trucks
Inventory: 6
Capacities: 28 - 50 Ton
Availability: Operated/Maintained

Hydraulic boom trucks are used for daily jobs where we get in, get the job done, and get out. Essentially semi-truck frames with cranes mounted to them, they can move to any location quickly. While they aren’t designed for rough terrain, they can handle any type of off-road conditions a semi-truck could handle.

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Carry Deck Cranes
Inventory: 8
Capacities: 4 - 22 Ton
Availability: Operated/Maintained or Bare Rent

Carry Decks are used almost exclusively in industrial environments such as refineries or power plants. Their small footprint allows them to get through small spaces, such as garage doors, and maneuver in tight spaces a standard crane can’t. Their flat deck is perfect for hauling equipment to its final location before making the lift.

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Hydraulic Platform Trailers: Self-Propelled & Pull Type

With 18 axle lines of self-propelled trailer and 40 axle lines of pull-type trailers in our inventory, we can combine up to 58 lines of platform trailer to move any size equipment. The self-propelled trailers allow us to move heavy equipment short distances in tight spaces, while the pull-type trailers are used for longer transports.

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Hydraulic Gantry Systems

Our 500-ton rated gantry system with self-propelled lift links allows us to side-shift heavy loads over obstacles such as anchor bolts – or off a railcar onto a trailer. The gantry systems are especially well suited for lifting massive equipment off a railcar – such as generators, transformers, huge engines and massive tanks – and moving it inside a building. A lot of times these are used in energy plants and lifting cargo off a railcar or putting it inside a facility.

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Hydraulic Jack & Slide Systems

Our jack and slide systems are used in nearly every heavy haul project we complete. With the ability to have up to six jack and slide systems operating at a time if necessary, our systems can also be used in environments where cranes and gantry systems can’t. For instance, they are ideal for power substations with overhead power lines. They are more cost-efficient and economical to setup than a crane, and can hold and move more weight than a crane by simply adding track.

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